How Does The Follow Feature Work?

Discussion in 'Help Requests' started by Faye Fox, Oct 9, 2019.

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    @Bess Barber
    Well.....I have no particular problem with it, unless of course the intent be lewd and lascivious! :oops: :rolleyes:
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    I came here to get this question answered for myself, because I Followed someone for the first time and expected to receive some type of notification of their posts.

    I went on a XenForo forum and found a thread that confirms the Follow feature merely adds their posts to your News Feed. In fact, the subtitle under Your News Feed says "Activity stream for all users your follow."

    I also [think I] found out that their running with the Invisible status does not affect this functionality, but you CAN block others (not at the Member level, but at a high level) from adding you to their News Feed (if I understand the following thread extract and the Privacy options properly):

    The options under Privacy/Edit Your Personal Details/(People who may...) Receive your news feed are:
    -All Visitors
    -Members Only
    -People You Follow Only

    "Receive your news feed" has a top-level checkbox. I assume that if I uncheck it, no one at all may add me to their Newsfeed. I also assume "Newsfeed" to be nothing more than a log of the posting activity of those Followed users (Comments they've made and Likes they have left.)
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