Online Shopping Scams Or Not?

Discussion in 'Online Retailers' started by Mary Miller, Dec 29, 2020.

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    Aug 6, 2020
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    Today I was looking up the weather and an ad for Zulucky was on the side of the page. It flashed some very pretty women's clothes (not that I have reason to wear any ) and I clicked on it. Well it didn't load well so I went to investigate the reviews for the site while I was waiting. The first four sites on my search engine were indicating very good reviews with customers 'generally pleased' with purchases. Further down, there were almost totally negative reviews on independent sites. Not sure what the first four sites were--maybe plants?
    On Amazon, I have seen great reviews but I always click on one star reviews that often tell the real story with many bad reviews. I have bought supplements that come with an offer of a free bottle if you give a very good review, which sort of tells the reason for this situation. It is sad that amazon has that problem. But it may send buyers back to local businesses?

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