Returning Things You Have Bought Online

Discussion in 'Online Retailers' started by Babs Hunt, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Kate Ellery

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    Dec 12, 2015
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    I recently ordered an small electronic item from eBay ,it was being sent from the UK to me in Australia .
    It cost me $80 Australian.
    On receiving the item it didn’t work ,the seller wanted me to,send it back at my expense adding a tracking number . ( fair enough)
    I took it into,the post office and had it weighed it was going to cost me in excess of $30 with tracking number to,send back .

    I contacted the seller but they insisted I pay the return postage pal,insisted as well I just ended up keeping the dead item refund ..from the seller or Pay Pal because I refused to pay $30 + out of my pocket to,return the item.

    it would have worked out I ended up,paying $110 for the item and no guarantee the replacement would be working
    on receipt .

    I didn’t notice at the time of purchasing the seller had lots of negative feedback for items they sold as new but were in fact faulty secondhand items .

    I say buyer beware in buying items from overseas sellers
  2. May Benot

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    Jan 30, 2018
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    I always look at reviews for whatever major purchase I'm considering, both on and off line
    Late last year I bought a black denim jacket for SO from Ali express, it was in the Black Friday sale and 50% off, so a good deal, took about 3 weeks to get here and, much to my surprise, was perfect fit/colour/ quality as described ... all good
    He liked it so much that i ordered another in blue ... same size, same seller, but only 25%, still a good deal I thought, as a decent quality denim jacket here in Aus is quite expensive, anyway paid $ 13 postage... it arrived and was 2 sizes smaller than 1st ... even tho' size tag was same .. so, took photos, sent to seller and lodged a dispute with Ali at same time ... they offered a partial refund or pay return postage if I wanted full refund ... I chose to keep it and got $30 refund ... if I roll the sleeves up, I s'pose I can wear it over a thick jumper in winter ... :D

    Hasn't put me off online shopping, just must ask more questions before pushing the 'Buy now' button
  3. Rita Kelvins

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    May 30, 2018
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    I always return anything that I feel is not standard quality as advertised. Done so especially amazon

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