The Apprecentice Show, Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Discussion in 'Movies & Entertainment' started by Joy Martin, Dec 27, 2023.

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    Just hearing on the radio of what is going on in Hollywood and the Walk of Fame. Somehow I'm not shocked. Have you folks watched this Series? I did not, not my type of show I guess...

    Anyway, it's been going on now for some time, that a gang of hoodlums are working to destroy the Star and are doing a lot of damage...The city of Hollywood and the Chamber of Commerce are spending $1000's working at undoing damage that has been done. BTW: the Star is dedicated to the Star of The Apprecentice....

    A Star has Never Been Removed...Accomplishing a Star on the Walk is Not an Easy Feat.

    As a side note, this has not been going on with Bill Cosby's Star and he's sure been in a lot of trouble, hasn't he????

    Something stinks here.. Oh wonder how many of you have been on The Walk of Fame? I've been on it at a couple locations over the years...

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