The Riots And Demonstrations In Brazil May Be Coming To An End

Discussion in 'Protests & Riots' started by Don Alaska, Dec 21, 2022.

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    I understand that the big demonstrations and political riots in Brazil may be coming to an end. There is a provision in the Brazilian Constitution that provides for the military to restore order if civil unrest becomes uncontrollable. This time, it looks like the military will be intervening on behalf of the people rather than the government in power. You may have read that perhaps the biggest demonstrations in the history of Brazil have been going on since the corrupt election that took place there a few months ago. The "new" president is to be inaugurated in January, but it appears the military is rolling to prevent that from occurring. One of the leading generals said there was to be intervention to prevent a coup from occurring (perhaps such as we had in 2021). The straw that broke the camel's back was when the government starting going into people's houses who opposed the new government (again, similar to what happened here) and dragging people who had been demonstrating out of their houses (like after Jan 6). When they started dragging pastors and other religious leaders to jail, the military prepared to act. We will see what happens in the largest country in South America.

    In the SECOND largest country in South America, Argentina, inflation has reached or exceeded 80% and the people are at a loss. There are celebrations there lauding the triumph of the Argentine team in the world cup, but those demonstrations could turn ugly very quickly. @Silvia Benoit may have some info on this, as I believe she still maintains contact with her friends and family there. Perhaps she can fill us in.

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