Usps Is A Big Fat Dead Horse

Discussion in 'Shopping & Sales' started by Thomas Stillhere, Dec 9, 2022.

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    I finally scraped together enough money to order a CPU for my computer repair, settling for the lesser one than I had intended to purchase. I have two of these processors already and they are great but the newer would work better with the new motherboard and chip set I bought for the repair. Anyway I bought it from Newegg and the order was dropped into the pipeline 3 days after I purchased it. First handed off to UPS since they have partnered with the USPS for shipping, if it goes to a PO Box UPS takes it to the nearest USPS location to be dispersed into their system. My CPU was scheduled to be delivered by the 5th Dec and it never tracked after reaching the Tennessee USPS. So now it has been 5 days without any tracking and even UPS is still posting the last track on the 5th saying it is on the way. My post master here where I live called and was told they couldn't find it so I came on home and just assume that it is lost, once again like the last item I ordered which was my TV antennae. It actually showed tracking and was shipped 50 miles below Baton Rouge once again causing a couple days extra wait and trouble due to having a refund issued after it finally arrived.

    I went ahead and filed the refund claim this evening for the CPU and it will take a couple days before any refund takes place. I looked on Walmart online and they have the CPU I wanted originally for only 30 dollars extra. You cannot win in today's market prices are so up and down. I hope it is still available after the refund because I plan on getting what I initially wanted since I have put up with so much aggravation already.

    Newegg has great prices and constantly placing things on sale but I went ahead and deleted the subscription to daily sales simply because I never get what I order without a hassle and long wait due to the postal service being a total dud. The best thing that could ever happen would be for the congress to step up and put an end to the sham of a postal service. Once again I have no doubts that when the change to private owned came about it was voted on by the congress and once again more than a couple of those slugs got their back pockets packed for a vote. In the past several years the postal service has lost 74 billion dollars, if that isn't enough to prove you can buy anything you like from congress if you have the money to buy the votes. The real problem is you and I are the ones paying all this money to keep a post office. We need some serious changes in the way we allow our congress to operate. There should be direct link to all their bank accounts showing any money transferred, checks etc, after any voting session for a law or change to public taxpayer paid services. I am now going to wait until I see my money that was tied up due to malfeasance returned to my bank account. I know I will not have the computer repaired before the new year and probably sometime afterwards. I blame myself for trying one more time to actually buy something online and receive it.
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    I've seen something similar. Although UPS doesn't do that often, when they relay a package to USPS, it usually takes a few days after that before it is delivered. What seems to be happening is that UPS will drop it at the post office in Millinocket, just over a block from here, and, rather than delivering it, USPS sends it to a processing location where it is processed before being re-sent to Millinocket for delivery.
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    It's amazing how different regions get different levels of service. I've had a few goofy tracking issues but have always received my stuff on time from all carriers, including USPS. That really sucks to not have reliable carriers in today's world of internet buying.
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    We rely on the USPS and I try not to deal with online vendors who do not use the Postal Service. Both FedEx and UPS use the Post Office to deliver packages for them and it lowers their overhead while raising that of the USPS. It is kinda like a Toyota dealer using a Chevrolet dealer to deliver vehicles, except the Chevy dealer isn't subsidized by the taxpayer.

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