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    I have classmates, from high school graduation in 1968, that still live in the same area they were raised in and went to both grade school, junior high and high school. Actually, I knew a few that took over the farm that their parents had. Sort of amazing when thought about today, with so many people moving around/living different places. Like wife and I have. Fortunately, when I met my wife, in So California, she had been thinking about moving to Laughlin, NV. After telling her about the summer heat in Laughlin, we decided on Colorado. I was really ready to leave So California, as she was. She left Michigan after visiting her sister and brother who had already left Michigan and went to So. California.

    After I got out of the Navy, I only returned to the old farm, in northeastern Indiana, a few times for a visit. Never really thought about moving back, getting employment and staying.

    What about you? You still living in the same area you went to grade school, junior high and high school?

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